One Button Peggle is an arcade game based off Peggle, except it only uses one button.

HOW TO PLAY: Press any button to shoot a ball. To get points you have to hit pegs, bouncy blocks or you can explode the ball by making it go too fast or getting it stuck. if you hit the green rectangle at the bottom of the levels you get an extra ball. If you run out of balls you lose. To unlock levels you have to get the amount of points that it says in the level select menu.

Made for the One Button Game Jam 2020


Download 23 MB
Download 24 MB


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Really like this. To my mind, this could have easily won, considering how well it meets the criteria. Is there any chance you could make this a PC download too?


There is a PC download now

Great news, thanks for doing this. Would you mind if I included it at OneSwitch free PC one-switch games library?

I'd include a link to this page, or wherever you like. No worries if you'd rather not, but I'd love to included it if you are willing.


Go ahead!

Thank you.